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All shelf ladders are made to order so please check suitability carefully as they are non returnable

This range of timber shelf ladders is better & heavier quality than the custom made models but only available in standard sizes; Delivery is typically 10/12 working days

These are the best choice IF you do not require a custom size, they are available with parallel or tapered sides and with or without a beam at the top

Please note that these are still ladders, not furniture, therefore some marks and minor denting will usually be visible on the wood

Angle is approximately 1 in 4 (68 degrees)

Treads are 80mm deep and the ladders are 430mm overall width

superior timber shelf ladder

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Model Treads Length Vertical Height Sale Price Inc VAT

 Click to place any of this range in your shopping basket - it can be removed later


 Click to place any of this range in your shopping basket - it can be removed later

TSH05 5 1370 1270 �70.65 �83.01
TSH06 6 1620 1500 �79.20 �93.06
TSH07 7 1800 1680 �86.63 �101.78
TSH08 8 2060 1880 �99.06 �116.40
TSH09 9 2290 2110 �102.72 �120.70
TSH10 10 2520 2310 �113.85 �133.77
TSH11 11 2740 2520 �125.03 �146.90
TSH12 12 2970 2740 �133.65 �157.04
TSH13 13 3200 2920 �160.00 �188.00
TSH14 14 3430 3150 �175.00 �205.63


Custom Timber Shelf Ladders


Shelf ladders, unlike conventional ladders have large flat treads making them safer and more comfortable to use than ordinary extension ladders
Angle is approximately 1 in 4 (68 degrees)
Aluminium Ladders are standard sizes for faster delivery whilst all timber shelf ladders are made to order at little extra cost and are made in about 14 working days with parallel or tapered sides. Often used in libraries or book shops these ladders are also ideal for bunk bed access or stable semi regular loft access ladder etc. Timber shelf ladders are made of Hemlock wood and are similar to pine in appearance
Alloy Ladders are more suitable for industrial use in harsh environments wide treads(362mm), These can also be made to order. Manufactured from aluminium channels fitted with 89mm deep treads at 254mm centres. Bottom ends of channels fitted with rubber plugs. Top of ladder can be fitted with wooden crossbar or hooks.  Handrails can be fitted at extra cost.

For custom made timber sizes, price is as listed for the size one above that which is required. If you prefer you can quote the
vertical height required and we will make the ladder to the correct angle and height - Timber only. The width varies according to your preference and the length of the ladder. Standard width is about 400mm but we will make it to what we think is the appropriate width unless you tell us a preference (Timber only) ,a wider(or narrower) version of either is available (500mm or within reason preferred width) for an extra �30.00 + VAT

The ladders can be supplied with a beam at the top or hooks to fit over a rail etc(or both).  Tops - Click to enlarge

Please note that all timber shelf ladders are custom made, they cannot be exchanged or refunded if you specify the wrong size or sign the carriers ticket as received in good condition and then discover a fault. Please measure carefully and examine ladder thoroughly on arrival BEFORE signing the carriers ticket. These must be ordered online, after clicking the basket you can specify the size, width and options you require at the checkout


Timber  Click to place any of this range in your shopping basket - it can be removed later        Timber Shelf Ladders - Click to enlarge
Model Approx Treads Length List Price Offer Price With Vat
LTSL5 5 1.2 �102.00 �61.10 �71.79
LTSL6 6 1.4 �114.00 �67.70 �79.55
LTSL7 7 1.7 �126.00 �74.30 �87.30
LTSL8 8 1.9 �144.00 �84.20 �98.94
LTSL9 9 2.2 �162.00 �94.10 �110.57
LTSL10 10 2.4 �174.00 �100.70 �118.32
LTSL11 11 2.7 �195.00 �112.25 �131.89
LTSL12 12 2.9 �210.00 �119.50 �140.41
LTSL13 13 3.1 �225.00 �128.75 �151.28
LTSL14 14 3.4 �243.00 �138.65 �162.91



Standard Top - Click to enlarge    Shelf Ladder Treads & Base - Click to enlarge optional shelf ladder hooks

Alloy shelf ladders

Alloy Click to place any of this range in your shopping basket - it can be removed later

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Length m

List Price

Offer Price

With Vat



































































Handrails can be fitted for �30.00inc VAT each (not usually necessary)

Hooks can be fitted for �12.00 inc per pair

Delivery is typically 5 working days for alloy & 10 working days for wood on these products


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